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SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: Is it time for a fish physiome initiative?
01 October 2017

The effects of the environment on fish physiology are complex, involving everything from genes to the environment itself. However, quantitative studies on the effects of climate change on fish physiology have been largely limited to the whole organism and isolated organ.

SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: Carnivorous plants - Physiology, ecology, and evolution
01 October 2017

Dozens of scientific papers covering carnivorous plant research are published each year on diverse topics ranging from new species descriptions, through phylogenetic approaches in taxonomy and systematics, to ecology and evolution of botanical carnivory, biophysics, and physiology of traps, among many others.

Francis Crick at the SEB - The lecture that changed biology
27 September 2017

A lecture given by famed British scientist Francis Crick at a Society for Experimental Biology meeting in 1957 is said to have 'permanently altered the logic of biology'.

Royal Society
Royal Society Publishing Special issue: Enhancing Photosynthesis in Crop Plants - Targets for improvement
26 September 2017

This theme issue describes current concepts in photosynthetic regulation and consolidates information concerning functional operation, current and future limitations, impacts on stress/growth responses, and potential targets and markers for improved efficiency light energy conversion into yield.