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The taming of the rat
12 September 2016

If you worry about having a pet rat in case it bites you, then you can relax. Recent research has found that a domesticated strain of rat selectively bred for tameness never bites human handlers.

Smoking out blackgrass seeds
12 September 2016

Blackgrass is a problem weed in UK agriculture, but a new technique may help farmers to combat its resistance to herbicides. Application of a smoke particle solution called 'smokewater' has been found to cause blackgrass seeds to germinate early, becoming vulnerable to certain herbicides which they would normally evade.

Birds get the green (and red) light
10 September 2016

Japanese quail grow and breed best under green and red lighting. An important bird in the poultry industry, quail thrive better under these conditions than in white and blue light, according to recent research carried out at Banaras Hindu University, India.

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SEB Animal Symposium review
31 August 2016

Read a review of the 2016 SEB Animal Symposium.