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Changing Our Spots
30 September 2015

The old saying “leopards never change their spots” may well be true in genetic terms, backed up by a wealth of scientific studies on coat marking patterns in big cats, and it may be true when applied to individuals, who are slow to change their real character. But for organisations, their visual appearance often needs to evolve to keep them relevant, competitive and distinctive. As we launch and roll out the new brand for SEB, you’ll see that whilst our look may be different we have not changed our DNA in any way!

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News From the SEB
30 September 2015

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Early exposure to cat urine makes mice less likely to escape from cats
30 September 2015

Mice that are exposed to the powerful smell of cat urine early in life do not escape from cats later in life. Researchers at the A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russia, have discovered that mice that smell cat urine early in life, do not avoid the same odour, and therefore do not escape from their feline predators, later in life.

Practice makes perfect
12 July 2015

Being able to dive is what matters most for seal pups, but how do they learn to do it? Grey seal pups that can play in pools may have better diving skills once they make the move to the sea, and this could increase their chance of survival. Researchers at Plymouth University have found that spending time in pools of water helps seal pups hold their breath for longer.