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Keep informed about travel grant opportunities and funding available for organising events. This includes opportunites to submit topic proposals and apply for funding to organise SEB events.

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Make your voice heard! We often consult with the biological community on how best to support biologists in their careers and ask for feedback and improvement suggestions on the work that we do.
Special Interest Groups
Please select the appropriate interest groups that you wish to join. Full descriptions of the interest groups can be found on our website: Plant, Animal, Cell, and Education and Public Affairs.
  • Animal
    • Animal Biomechanics
    • Animal Ecophysiology
    • Animal Osmoregulation
    • Animal Respiration
    • Comparative Endocrinology
    • Conservation Physiology
    • Neurobiology
    • Thermobiology
  • Cell
    • Cell Cycles
    • Cell Signalling
    • Cells and Systems
    • Cytoskeleton and Cytosolic Organisation
    • Modelling and InSilico Biology
    • Nuclear Dynamics
    • Synthetic Biology and Industrial Biotechnology
  • Plant
    • Abiotic Stress and Climate Change
    • Crop Molecular Genetics
    • Integrative Plant Biology
    • Interaction of Plants with other Organisms
    • Photosynthesis & Metabolism
    • Plant Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology
    • Plant Development
    • Plant Environmental Physiology
    • Plant Transport
  • SEB+
    • Career Development
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Public Affairs
    • Science Communication
    • Teaching and Learning