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Special Interest Groups
Please select the appropriate interest groups that you wish to join. Full descriptions of the interest groups can be found on our website: Plant, Animal, Cell, and Education and Public Affairs.
  • Animal
    • Animal Biomechanics
    • Animal Ecophysiology
    • Animal Osmoregulation
    • Animal Respiration
    • Comparative Endocrinology
    • Conservation Physiology
    • Neurobiology
    • Thermobiology
  • Cell
    • Cell Cycles
    • Cell Signalling
    • Cells and Systems
    • Cytoskeleton and Cytosolic Organisation
    • Nuclear Dynamics
    • Synthetic Biology and the Physical Cell
  • Plant
    • Abiotic Stress and Climate Change
    • Crop Molecular Genetics
    • Integrative Plant Biology
    • Interaction of Plants with other Organisms
    • Photosynthesis & Metabolism
    • Plant Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology
    • Plant Development
    • Plant Environmental Physiology
    • Plant Transport
  • SEB+
    • Career Development
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Public Affairs
    • Science Communication
    • Teaching and Learning