Matthew Gilliham

Matthew Gilliham

Abiotic Stress and Climate Change Group Convenor 

Matt is a group leader in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology based at the University of Adelaide, Australia. His areas of interest are crop plant nutrition and stress tolerance with a focus on salinity tolerance, stress signalling and membrane transport. He is also Deputy Head of School (Research) for the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine and Honorary Secretary of the Australian Society for Plant Scientists. Matt gained a BSc in Ecology from Lancaster University and a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of Cambridge, both in the UK. After a postdoc at Cambridge, he immigrated to Australia to run the Plant Transport and Signalling Laboratory at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, in 2006. Matt's group studies the transport and signalling processes that underpin improvements in crop nutrition and stress tolerance. His research scales from genetics, through cell biology and whole plant physiology. Where applicable, his lab's fundamental research is then applied through plant breeding to modify signalling and transport processes in plants to improve crop yield and quality in the field. His main areas of study include salinity tolerance, anionic nutrition (particulary chloride) and GABA signalling.

Matthew Gilliham
University of Adelaide
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Plant Research Centre
Waite Research Precinct
Glen Osmond, 5064

Phone: +61 0431 663614