Interaction of plants with other organisms Group

Convenor: Corina Vlot (Helmholtz Zentrum München)

The Interaction of plants with other organisms Group brings together researchers working on all aspects of plant interactions with other organisms. This includes parasitic, pathogenic and beneficial interactions with a wide range of organisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, nematodes and insects. We are keen to involve researchers from different disciplines working on these areas at different scales, for example, molecular to population level,  and have strong links to the Integrative Plant Biology Group of the SEB. Over the past several years, reciprocal influences between plants and their associated microbes (the ‘microbiome’) have begun to be unravelled. Plant defence responses are sensitive to pathogens, but also to beneficial organisms of the microbiome. Vice versa, the composition of the microbiome changes in response to plant defence reactions, potentially leading to a very dynamic ‘evolution’ of the holobiont plant in interaction with its microbiome. In the coming years, we expect many more exciting data from this rapidly evolving field and look forward to integration of plant-microbiome interactions and responses of the holobiont to various biotic and abiotic influences. We are able to support research into plant biotic interactions through funding or part-funding focused meetings and sessions at the SEB Annual Conference. We would particularly like to involve early career scientists and encourage proposals for exciting meeting topics.