Dynamic organisation of the nucleus

31 October 2016 - By: Dr Katja Graumann

SEB Brighton 2016 Session Report: 
Dynamic organisation of the nucleus

By Dr Katja Graumann, Oxford Brookes University

The “Dynamic Organisation of the Nucleus” session was the first meeting of the SEB cell section special interest group “Nuclear Dynamics”. The focus of the 3-day session was to showcase the development of nucleus research in a wide variety of model organisms such as Arabidopsis, yeast, C. elegans, Dictyostelium, snails, trypanosomes, maize and mouse. Various presentations detailed how changes in nuclear structure and chromatin organisation underlie physiological and developmental defects such as muscle development, ageing and pollen tube growth. Other research highlights included elucidation of molecular mechanisms that determine mechanical properties of nuclei. New methodologies to study nuclear organisation were also presented. Other talks introduced newly characterized components of nuclei, particularly in plants. In addition to the poster session, a discussion session involving most speakers and poster presenters was held. With overwhelmingly positive feedback the participants agreed that this opportunity of networking and dialogue for researchers approaching the field via different model systems was very much welcome. Ideas for the future direction of the special interest group were also suggested. In addition to all the brilliant contributions made by the talk and poster presenters, we also would like to thank our sponsors, the SEB, Nucleus and Frontiers in Plant Sciences, who generously supported our session. We are very much looking forward to the contributions to Nucleus and Journal of Experimental Botany, which are going to be published in due course.

Category: Cell Biology