General Biomechanics

31 October 2016 - By: Prof Peter Aerts


Prof Peter Aerts, University Antwerp

The 1.5 days session of ‘General Biomechanics’ in Brighton, with 60 contributions (29 oral presentations and 31 posters) was definitely successful again. As usual, these contributions covered a wide diversity of topics (biomaterials, terrestrial locomotion, flight and swimming, adhesion, feeding mechanics, muscle mechanics, scaling...) presented by young, as well as more experienced and senior researchers.
The Brighton meeting also brought us the 11th edition of the 'General Biomechanics' awards: three poster awards and three prizes for the best talks. In memory of Prof. R.Mc.Neill Alexander, who passed away earlier this year and who was a ‘true hero’ for our biomechanics group (the biomechanical scientific community in general), it was suggested to rename the awards from this year onwards as the ‘R.McNeill Alexander awards for Biomechanics’.  This proposal was approved by the AGM with a lengthy round of applause.  Traditionally, all 60 presenters were candidate-winners but unfortunately, only three winners per category could be awarded. 

Poster Presentation winners

First prize: Sam Van Wassenbergh (Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle, France) -‘Dynamics of the beak during singing in finches’

Second prize: Pauline Provini (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil) - ‘Walking or hopping? Evolutionary trends in terrestrial locomotion of Neotropical birds’

Third prize: Sebastian Kruppert (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) - ‘Push or pull? The light-weight architecture of the Daphnia pulex carapace is adapted to withstand tension, not compression’

Oral presentation winners

First prize: Katharina Bunk (Plant Biomechanics Group and Botanic Garden University of Freiburg, Germany) -  ‘Functional morphology, biomechanics and Finite Element simulation of Schefflera ramifications for biomimetic applications in civil engineering'

Second prize: Florian Muijers (Wageningen University, Netherlands) - ‘Wing damage control in flying fruit flies’

Third prize: Tina Steinbrecher (Royal Holloway University London, UK) ‘Do fungi release mechanical dormancy conferred by the seed coverings in Lepidium didymum?’ 

Congratulations to all the prizewinners.  I hope to meet you all again next summer in Göteborg.

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