Short range visual guidance in birds

31 October 2016 - By: Prof Douglas Altshuler & Prof Srini Srinivasan

Short range visual guidance in birds

By Prof Douglas Altshuler, University of British Columbia, Canada & Prof Srini Srinivasan University of Queensland, Australia

While considerable attention has been devoted over the years to the study of long-range navigation in birds, there has been relatively little research on the short-range visual guidance of avian flight. The last year, however, has seen an increased impetus in this new direction.The SEB Annual Meeting was well timed to highlight much of this new work, and also to examine how it relates to visual neuroscience and other aspects of avian vision. The full day of talks demonstrated how birds are using diverse and sophisticated algorithms to perceive their motion through complex environments, and do so with sparse information from eyes that have to serve multiple other purposes. 

The session highlighted a strengthening connection between behavioural and electrophysiological studies of how vision is used in flight, although there are still technical limitations to merging these approaches.

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Category: Animal Biology