The plant endoplasmic reticulum: A dynamic multitasking organelle

31 October 2016 - By: Dr Verena Kriechbaumer

The plant endoplasmic reticulum: A dynamic multitasking organelle

By Dr Verena Kriechbaumer, University of Oxford

Researchers from Oxford Brookes University and the University of Warwick teamed up to organise a 2-day session on the plant endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The ER is a network-forming organelle present in all cells from plants to humans and plays a vital role in protein production, protein folding, and quality control. As such, the plant ER is responsible for the production and storage of a great proportion of our edible proteins and lipids.

The ER sessions focused on most relevant topics in current ER research. In addition to understanding of ER morphology-to-function relations and visualisation of ER ultrastructure and dynamics, latest news on ER function in plant stress adaptions was presented.

Prof Eija Jokitalo from the University of Helsinki kick-started the first part of the conference session on the ER structure session with a keynote lecture on ER structure in mammalian cells, which included some amazing 3-D microscopy images. This was followed by talks on ER lipidomics and enzyme metabolons and ER in stress signalling with outstanding presentations from our invited speakers Prof Birger Lindberg Moller, Prof Barbara Halkier, Dr Nozomu Koizumi, and Prof Eva Stöger. The final afternoon was reserved for two workshops on membrane lipid analysis (Dr Patrick Moreau) and computational analysis of cellular structures (Dr Mark Fricker). 

In addition to cutting edge science, great discussions, fruitful networking and blossoming collaborations, the participants enjoyed sun, beach, vast amounts of coffee, the infamous SEB “wine trail” and a late night Mexican feast with mojitos for all the session speakers. 

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