Travels with my grant

29 April 2017 - By: Caroline Lindholm

Travels with my grant - Caroline Lindholm

Caroline Lindholm

Grant Recipient: Caroline lindholm (Linköping University, Sweden)

Travelled to: International Symposium on Avian Endocrinology, Ontario, Canada


The ISAE conference was almost a full week with an intense schedule and a lot of interesting perspectives on avian biology. For me, it was especially interesting to meet and listen to other scientists working in the rather niched world of broiler breeders in particular and avian food intake regulation in general. I gained some new insights in the area of glucocorticoids, which seem (at least to me) to be a constant source of confusion due to their diverse and varying effects. Aside from the scientific content of the conference, I also got to experience the splendor of Niagara Falls and was part of a very interesting excursion to a raptor centre and a zoo aviary, where we got to see a lot of very cool birds (and one bat) close-up, learnt that bald-headed eagles don’t sound the way Hollywood has led us to believe and even had a parrot sing us ‘Oh Canada’.

Apart from getting the chance to give my first ever conference talk, which was, of course, a learning experience in itself and an important goal in my journey towards a PhD, I learnt a lot about the avian brain and also quite a bit about avian genetics (and genomics). As someone who has only recently started looking a bit closer into gene expression in the brain of chickens in correlation with physiological changes in food-restricted conditions, this has given me a lot of new ideas about how I want to go about my research project, both in terms of some new measurements to include but perhaps mostly in terms of how to interpret and handle my results.

I especially enjoyed getting a chance to talk to Timothy Boswell, Ian Dunn and several of the people working with them in Scotland on similar questions as myself. I also had a long and interesting chat with a fellow PhD student, Aitor Arrazola, who works on a broiler breeder project quite similar to mine but under rather different conditions in Stephanie Torrey’s research group at University of Guelph. I am most grateful to CoB and SEB, as well as my second sponsor, the Houghton Trust, for supporting me financially on this trip.

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