Travels with my grant

29 April 2017 - By: Florian Luskow

Travels with my grant - Florian Luskow

Florian Luskow at Loch Ness
Florian Luskow at Loch Ness

Grant recipient: Florian Luskow  (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)

Travelled to: Fifth International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium, Barcelona, Spain

The Fifth International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium (JBS) took place in the Barcelona Aquarium from 30 May to 3 June 2016. Nearby a well-known and leading research group on gelatinous zooplankton biology is located. They were excellent hosts for this international meeting, which takes place only every three years. Barcelona with its long history in jellyfish research was a fabulous choice for the symposium and more than 200 people from all over the world attended.

Ever since my first semester at university I have been very interested in working with gelatinous zooplankton. It was therefore of great importance to me that I attended this significant conference. Over the past five years I have been in contact with a number of scientists working in this field, but only had the opportunity to meet a few of them, in order to discuss my own results and interpretations. By attending this conference, I have now been able to come into contact with many colleagues sharing similar interests. Due to the fact that the JBS was my first meeting on an international level, I decided to present a poster instead of giving a talk, in order to get a greater picture of the proceedings for the future. I met and talked to people from South Korea, Norway, Sweden, China, Denmark, Germany and France and had fruitful scientific exchanges with them and with people whom I would normally only know from the author lists of articles. Senior scientists from Germany and I are planning a project in the context of an invasive species in northern Europe and its interactions with commercially valuable fish. Because my current working place does not allow a regular contact with them, we are normally restricted to e-mails, phone and skype calls.

Taking into account all the great experiences and connections I have gained and established, I can really encourage everybody, especially master students and new graduates, to join the SEB and apply for a travel grant from the Company of Biologists.

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