Travels with my grant

29 April 2017 - By: Lauren Nadler

Travels with my grant - Lauren Nadler

McCormick Lab Group at ICRS
McCormick Lab Group at ICRS

Grant recipient: Lauren Nadler (James Cook University, Australia)

Travelled to: 13th International Coral Reef Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii


The 13th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) brought together the world’s foremost experts in the field of coral reef ecology. The conference kicked off with a plenary from the President of the Republic of Palau, Tommy Esang Remengesaw, Jr, who discussed his inspiring efforts to protect Palau’s waters. President Remengesaw spearheaded the effort to establish the Palau National Marine Sanctuary in 2015, which encompassed all of Palau’s waters in a marine protected area, 80% of which is a no-take reserve. Another exciting plenary was given by one of my science idols, Dr John (Jack) Randall, who, at 92 years old, is still an incredibly active and productive ichthyologist. During his introduction of Dr Randall, Dr Peter Sale told the packed audience that Dr Randall has named more marine fishes than any other ichthyologist – alive or dead – which is an incredible feat.

As my PhD research focuses on shoaling behaviour in coral reef fish, this year’s conference was particularly relevant to my own work as there was a three-day session dedicated to reef fish ecology, in honour of Dr Glenn Almany, an innovator in the field who recently passed away. As a young researcher, it is important for me to learn how to discuss my data articulately with other scientists. In this session, I was excited to share my own findings from recent studies on shoaling behaviour in coral reef fish, in which I found that shoaling reduces the metabolic rate of individuals. It was wonderful to gain insights on my results from other researchers from a variety of backgrounds, who suggested a range of follow-up studies to further understand the mechanisms underlying the effects I found. Many thanks to the Company of Biologists for this grant, allowing me to attend this fantastic international conference.

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