President's Letter

30 May 2019 - By: Christine Raines

President's Letter


By Christine Raines

We have had another busy year in the SEB office and for our Council, and a number of changes to report.

This year we have said goodbye to one of the SEB team –Oliver Kingham, our events manager. Oliver is now working for the Law Society, which offers him new challenges and further career development. Many thanks to Oliver for the hard work and support that he has given to the Council and our members – we wish him well in his new endeavours.

Eniola Alalade joined the Society in February, replacing Oliver and carrying on the good work of organising our Annual Meeting, symposia, and other events.

We have also said farewell to Eamon Ray, who served as an independent trustee for 3 years; the work of the independent trustees is very valuable and we thank Eamon for all his advice and support. I am very pleased to welcome Heider Ridha, who has replaced Eamon. We look forward to working with him and gaining from his valuable experience in the world of business. You can read more about Eniola and Heider in our SEB News section of this magazine. We have two new posts in the SEB office: Operations and Office Manager and an Outreach, Education and Diversity Manager. They will be providing much needed support to enable the delivery of our goals. Further changes for the SEB are also ahead as we will be moving from Charles Darwin House during 2019; we will keep you posted on our new location.

As you know from my last letter, we had planned to have a Council strategy day in November to discuss our plans for the period 2018 – 2023. However, we have delayed this until April this year, given all the changes in staffing and other business that has taken priority. For me, these are my last few months as President and I am pleased that we will be having these forward-looking discussions to scope out how we as a Society can play a role in supporting the advancement of our discipline. Registration for our Annual Meeting is now open, so do sign up and join us in Seville for summer sunshine and excellent science!

There is once again an excellent line-up of sessions and speakers, including our world-renowned scientists who will give our plenaries: the Bidder Lecture will be given by Professor Terrie Williams (University of California, Santa Cruz) who will talk about the survival of big fierce animals. Liam Dolan (University of Oxford, UK) will give the Woolhouse Lecture on the topic of cell growth and the Cell Biology lecture on the rice blast fungus will be presented by Professor Nick Talbot (Sainsbury Laboratory, UK). Our three President’s Medallists, Sonya Auer (Animal), Daniel Gibbs (Plant), and Iain Johnston (Cell), will be receiving their awards and presenting the work that earned them this accolade – don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our rising stars! In addition, there will be opportunities for our early career researchers to give short talks and to enter the Young Scientist Award Session (YSAS) as well as many opportunities for networking at the poster sessions and the diversity and conference dinners! Don’t forget you can also register for our Plant and Animal Satellite meetings in Seville on 30th June: ‘Algal Model System on the Rise’ and ‘Is Global Warming Causing Animals to Shrink?’

Thank you for reading this letter; I hope 2019 is going well and I look forward to seeing you in Seville!

Category: Animal Biology