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Engineering secondary cell wall deposition in plants
Autumn 2014
30 September 2014

The replacement of fossil fuels by sustainable bioenergy is a long term goal that is coming to fruition. Ligno-cellulosic biomass historically used for animal feed or burning is now developed as a source of sugar for fermentation into biofuels. This article illustrates how synthetic biology can be used in a powerful way to alter plant cell wall construction to facilitate increased saccharification.

C-terminally encoded peptide (CEP) family
Spring 2014
02 March 2014

A recently published Special Issue presents papers giving a current view of the emergent field of Peptide Signalling. Although this field is expanding there are only a small number of peptide ligands that have been identified and a biological role demonstrated. In this issue, three papers present data on the C-terminally encoded peptide (CEP) family:

Effects of tourists giving food to endangered Iguanas
Spring 2014
02 March 2014

The paper examined the physiological consequences of tourists giving food to endangered iguanas in The Bahamas. The authors revealed that the tourists’ propensity to feed grapes to iguanas resulted in nutritional deficiencies which could influence the health and survival of the long-lived Bahamian rock iguanas.