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Spring 2019
31 May 2019

One of the ‘Science Across Boundaries’ sessions at the 2018 SEB Annual Meeting explored the integral role of mitochondria in environmental adaptation and disease. Whilst some avenues of research have focused on how mitochondrial adaptations and plasticity contribute to tolerance to external stressors, others have investigated how mitochondrial dysfunctions can contribute to a broad range of human diseases. Here are just a few examples from this wonderful interdisciplinary session.

Stefan Kusch
Travel grants to go - Stefan Kusch
Spring 2019
31 May 2019

Stefan travelled to Pacific Grove, California, USA to attend the 30th Fungal Genetics Conference and present his research entitled “Rapid evolutionary adaptation of phytopathogenic powdery mildew fungi to highly selective plant environments”.

President's Letter
Spring 2019
30 May 2019

We have had another busy year in the SEB office and for our Council, and a number of changes to report.

Tim Gordon
Young Scientists Awards 2018
Autumn 2018
01 October 2018

Each year, at the SEB Annual Meeting, young scientists submit their abstract to the Young Scientist Award Session and compete for the award of ‘best research presentation’. Our science writers Alex Evans and Jonathan Smith have summarised the research presented by our 2018 winners.