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Madeline Mitchell
Homeward Bound 2017-18: Life and leadership lessons in Antarctica
Autumn 2018
01 October 2018

Antarctica was an unlikely place for me to visit considering I’m a plant molecular biologist and physiologist with an interest in agriculture…and perhaps even more unlikely given I treat the cold as a personal affront! And yet, I found myself signing up to spend three weeks on a ship travelling round Antarctica with nearly 80 other women in science for company.

TPJ Research_Highlight
Manipulating the cell/air space ratio to optimize photosynthesis
Spring 2018
29 April 2018

Cell density and airspace patterning in the leaf can be manipulated to increase leaf photosynthetic capacity

Christine Raines
President's Letter Spring 2018
Spring 2018
29 April 2018

Time is moving very quickly and I can hardly believe that I have been in this role for seven months!

Peanuts that keep aflatoxin at bay: A threshold that matters
Spring 2018
29 April 2018

Aflatoxin contamination in peanuts is a major challenge for health and nutrition in both humans and livestock. In this article Sharma et al., provide convincing data that over-expression of defensin genes, or down-regulation of aflatoxin biosynthetic genes through host-induced gene silencing, can significantly reduce aflatoxin contamination of inoculated peanut seeds.