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A toolbox for communication
Autumn 2016
31 October 2016

Whether you’re speaking at a conference or in a lecture theatre – taking some time to brush up your presentation skills will always pay dividends in maximising the impact of your message. At SEB Brighton 2016, we heard from some of the masters in the trade during the “Science Communication Toolkit” session.

Steve portugal-In txt
Spotlight on Steve Portugal
Spring 2016
18 March 2016

As the main organiser of the SEB “Cracking the Egg” Satellite meeting in Brighton this year, Steve is looking forward to welcoming egg researchers from around the world: “Eggs have a lot to offer many fields of biology, and understanding them has applications to areas as diverse as food security, evolution, biomimicry, conservation and many more” he says.

Silverback- THUMB
Ageing - The long and the short of it
Spring 2016
18 March 2016

What are the factors that limit how long we can live for? It’s clear that our bodies wear out over time – but can we reduce this accumulated damage? Certain plants and animals suggest we can, so perhaps we should learn from their strategies.

Success stories and emerging themes in conservation physiology
Spring 2016
18 March 2016

This year, the field of conservation physiology is celebrating its tenth anniversary since being formally named in 2006. This milestone provides an excellent opportunity to assess whether the discipline has been accomplishing its arguably most difficult goal: solving conservation problems.