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The diverse face of biology
Autumn 2020
28 February 2021

Charles Darwin. Carolus Linnaeus. Gregor Mendel. Their names and contributions to science appear in every biology textbook, and rightly so, but is it really true that the history of biology is dominated by white men? Men and women of all backgrounds have contributed heavily to the current knowledge and continue to do so. It is time to recognise the diverse face of biology.

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Dealing with disease
Autumn 2020
28 February 2021

Emerging infectious diseases have certainly been making headlines in recent years but they are far from a rare occurrence in the animal kingdom. There are countless animal species currently at threat of local and global extinction due to the rapid spread of harmful parasites and virulent pathogens, many of which can be traced back to humanity’s actions. To even the odds, researchers around the world are working hard to further our understanding of these diseases and develop applications for practical epidemiology. From fungal syndromes to viral genomes, let us take a careful peek into the world of emerging infectious disease research.

Protecting our plants
Autumn 2020
28 February 2021

Whilst the world’s attention has been gripped by a single human disease, the plant pathogens that threaten food security and biodiversity have not gone away. An increasingly industrial agricultural sector, coupled with monoculture crops and the global movement of food goods, is helping devastating plant diseases to spread at an alarming rate.

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President's Letter Autumn 2019
Autumn 2019
30 November 2019