The Mentoring Scheme is back! 

After the great success of the 2023 mentoring scheme, you can now register your interest in the 2025 mentoring scheme!

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The scheme will connect members from different career stages and provide opportunities for development for both mentees and mentors. 

"Having someone not associated with your job/company/institution and has some further career experience to you is really valuable, I would recommend taking advantage of the opportunity!"

2023 Mentoring Scheme Participant (Mentee)

SEB member

"Share your experience with the early career researchers and give them tips that may seem not very important immediately but have impacts in the later part of their career."

2023 Mentoring Scheme Participant (Mentor)

SEB member



Register your interest

The Mentoring Scheme is a year-long scheme in which we connect SEB members to exchange scientific and professional experiences through one-to-one meetings.

If you are interested in participating in the 2025 mentoring scheme, sign up below, and as soon as we have the training dates, we will email you to book your preferred training session:




What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a series of conversations between a mentor and mentee aimed at supporting the development of the mentee. Often a mentor will be further ahead in their career, and will be able to offer guidance and support from a position of experience.

A mentor supports the learning and development of another, as an advisor, motivator and/or supporter.

A mentee is the person who brings needs or challenges to the relationship, and receives mentoring.


What are the advantages of getting involved in the scheme?

Typical topics in mentoring might include career progression and sharing career stories, building motivation, how to best develop new or existing skills, and building professional networks.

Bringing mentors and mentees together from across our network of SEB members will also provide opportunities to exchange of knowledge of current experimental biology and more generally in science and academia.

It can also be a relevant addition to your CV.

For mentees

A mentoring relationship can help to build networks, gain insights about possible career opportunities, improve confidence, and bring new perspectives.

For mentors

A mentoring relationship can provide an opportunity to build skills in listening and supporting others, develop networks, and can be immensely fulfilling.

How much involvement is needed?

All interested participants are expected to attend a training session in September 2024 (2 hours online) and complete a comprehensive form at the end of the training (15 min).

Once matching is announced, mentees and mentors are expected to remain in your mentoring partnership for one year, starting in January 2025, meeting every 6-8 weeks for 1 hour. We estimate this is the equivalent of a minimum of 12 hours per year.

We would also appreciate your time to complete a brief mid - and post-scheme evaluation (30 min) questionnaire.

What is the timeframe of the scheme?

Participants will be trained in September 2024, the matching will be announced in December 2024, and the scheme will run for 1 year starting in January 2025.  

July - August 2024 Register your interest in the mentoring scheme and choose a training session option.
September 2024 Attend a training session. At the end of the training session, you need to fill out a more comprehensive form for matching purposes.
October -  December 2024 Matching process/ pairing up participants. You receive an email in December confirming a match.
January 2025 Mentee to initiate the first meeting. You also receive a starter package and discussion prompts.
July 2025 You receive a mid-way feedback form. You are also invited to join the networking lunch at the SEB Conference 2025. This is NOT mandatory, but it is a nice way to meet participants in person.
November -December 2025 Mentee to organise the last meeting. You receive a final feedback form.


Who is running the scheme?

The SEB is running the scheme with support from Research Coach UK

Research Coach UK provides professional coaching and training for researchers and academics (PhD to Professor) and consultancy services for universities and research organisations, and specialises in providing support for developing and running mentoring schemes. 


"If you are in an uncertain moment of your career, the mentoring scheme puts you in contact with people who want to help and can provide you with fresh, professional perspectives based on your experience and preferences."

2023 Mentoring Scheme Participant

SEB member