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Editor-in-Chief: Lee Sweetlove, University of Oxford, UK


The Plant Journal publishes exciting, high quality science that addresses fundamental and important questions in plant biology. The journal aims to publish work that constitutes a significant contribution to our understanding of plants and is of general interest to the wider plant science community. Typically, Plant Journal papers provide insight into an as yet unknown mechanism or poorly understood process. The journal also publishes Technical Advances and Resource articles, the latter providing a unique home for large datasets, including genome sequences, and other resources that will be of significant value to the community. All areas of plant biology are welcome and research into any plant or algal species and their interactions with the environment and other organisms will be considered. The journal also commissions high profile review articles as part of an annual special issue and, throughout the year publishes Focused reviews, Perspective reviews and Foundation reviews.

Publisher: Wiley

Owners: SEB, Wiley


Benefits of publishing:

  • A journal of choice for the plant sciences community with over 400 articles published in 2021
  • A global readership with over 4 million articles downloaded per year
  • Highly experienced editors who take care over every decision and who aim to be flexible and supportive towards authors
  • No formatting requirements for initial submission of papers
  • Full scoop protection once a paper is submitted
  • No page charges
  • Open Access fees covered for an increasing number of countries that have transitional deals with Wiley
  • Promotion of the best papers via a Research Highlight piece on one paper in every issue and regular posts about TPJ papers and authors on social media
  • Additional engagement with TPJ authors, prize winners, TPJ fellows and the wider plant sciences community via interviews that are hosted on the TPJ Features website
  • Annual award of TPJ-SEB-Wiley prizes for outstanding papers, including a special set of awards for those with student first authors
  • Annual award of TPJ fellowships that provide financial support and mentoring for new group leaders at a crucial and, often challenging, career stage
  • Online research talks given by authors of TPJ papers, organised by the SEB


Publishing model: Online-only, hybrid open-access (free and OA licenses available)

Peer-review model: Single-anonymous, with opt-in double-anonymous

2022 metrics:

  • Journal Impact factor:  7.2 (rank 17/238 in ‘Plant Sciences’ category)

  • Journal Citation Indicator:  1.84 (rank 11/262 in ‘Plant Sciences’ category)

  • CiteScore:  11.6 (rank 17/487 in ‘Plant Sciences’ category)

  • Output:  488 papers

  • Downloads:  3.4 million

  • Acceptance rate:  22%

  • Turnaround time:  29 days (median, submission to first decision, all papers)

  • Indexed in Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, PubMed

Types of articles:

Original research articles; technical advances; resource articles; commissioned reviews

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Andrea Lewis, Associate Managing Editor: [email protected]