* This workshop is similar to the one of the same name from previous years. However, two new modules were included: 1. a module on social media and video abstracts, and 2. a discussion about AI to provoke some conversation and thinking.*

In this practical two-part online workshop, you’ll learn how to design and present your poster in a way that is engaging and interesting for your audience.  To start with, you’ll learn how to think like your audience, so that you can design your poster with them in mind. Then you’ll learn the basics of graphic design, what makes a poster “pop”, the different approaches to getting attention in a digital world, and the tools you can use to design your poster. Finally, you’ll focus on delivery: how to attract readers, how to keep them interested, and how to give them something to think about when they walk away.  

It will involve lots of small group activities, and you’ll have many opportunities to try out your new skills, present elements of a poster, and give and receive feedback. By the end of this programme, you’ll be able to put your skills to work and design a poster that you can present with confidence. 

This workshop is divided into two parts, with each part happening on a different day.

  • Part 1: Poster design
  • Part 2: Delivery/ Presentation skills 

It will be held in two different schedules to cover different time zones. You will be able to choose your preferred option during the booking stage.

  •  Morning Sessions - 9:30 am to 1:00 pm (UK time) | 16 and 18 April
  • Afternoon Sessions - 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm (UK time) | 18 and 25 April

* Be aware! This workshop will be delivered by Zoom and won't be recorded.

* You will need to create and/or log into your SEB account to be able to book this event. 


1. SEB members: Free

2. Poster presenters at the SEB Conference Prague 2024: Free (*You need to be registered for the Conference to get your free ticket*)

3. Non-members: £25

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This course is for those who are new to designing and presenting posters and need to cover both “the basics” of poster layout and design, and the more advanced skills of engaging people and telling them about their science on the day. 

It is perfect for anyone wishing to present a poster at the SEB Conference Prague 2024.

Workshop outline

Part 1: Poster design will run on the 16th and 18th April 2024 and will focus on:

  • What needs to be on your poster
  • How to choose what to include (and what to leave out)
  • The basics of graphic design
  • Different poster layouts – what works, what doesn’t
  • Software for designing your poster
  • Adding extra elements to make your poster more engaging
  • AI and your poster - no-gos and practical ways to use AI in your design

Part 2: Delivery/ Presentation skills will run on the 18th and 25th April 2024 and will focus on:

  • How to attract readers/interesting people
  • Presenting your poster once you have their attention
  • Presenting without notes
  • Keeping an eye on your language
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Giving people something to take away
  • Online vs offline

* You must be available for both online parts to join.


By the end of this two-part online course, participants will have learned how to create posters that are visually appealing and interesting, and present them in a way that engages listeners, invites questions, and helps them expand their network and share their work.

For participants who engage in the course and invest time in the coursework, there is a good chance that you will create an initial draft of your poster to present at the SEB Conference Prague 2024.


Participants will be provided with a range of resources including:

  • Copies of all whiteboard work
  • Poster design templates
  • Design resources – guidelines & lists, for example, where to find images, design tools, QR code generators, colour charts etc.
  • Guides on voice, power-language, body language, and other delivery techniques as reminders
  • Other handouts and resources that seem useful based on the needs of the course participants

CPD Points

This SEB Career Workshop has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) for the purpose of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Participation will be counted as 21 CPD points. Attendees can record their CPD through the RSB website (mySociety). If you gain more than 50 CPD points across the year, you will be issued a certificate.

Additional details about RSB scheme for CPD

SEB information page on CPD points


Email us at [email protected].

* You will need to create and/or log into your SEB account to be able to book this event. 


If you are interested in this workshop, you might want to read this article by the trainer, Suzanne Whitby: How to Write an Eye-catching Title for Your Scientific Poster that Will Attract Visitors.


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