The Session  information  is all still subject to change

C3 - The cytoskeleton across kingdoms

Session Length

1.5 days 

Session Description

The session will address recent developments in the study of the cytoskeleton, especially the evolutionarily conserved actin and microtubule networks. We shall focus on common organizational principles and processes shared by major eukaryotic lineages, on the interplay between cytoskeletal dynamics and (intra)cellular motility, as well as on the role of the cytoskeleton in shaping cells and tissues.

C4 - Chromosome Instability and DNA Repair

Sesssion Description 

The fidelity in chromosome transmission is indispensable to maintain genomic stability and fertility. Cells with defects in DNA repair and/or chromatid/chromosome segregation during cell division may lead to different alterations. The goal of this session will be to bring together experts in DNA repair and chromosome dynamics during both mitosis and meiosis, as well as in 3D genome organisation, in order to understand the importance of these processes in chromosome stability.

SAB2 - Plant Epigenetics: From Models to Crops

Session Length

2 days 

Session Description 

Epigenetics pervades every aspect of plant biology. Understanding plant epigenetics has the potential to revolutionise crop breeding by unlocking previously unattainable traits and providing new tools to interfere with gene expression.  

Join us in this session to discuss the latest advances in epigenetics in model species and crops. We will explore the impact of epigenetics on plant development, environmental interactions as well as crop productivity, and examine the latest insights into the mechanisms of epigenetics.   

Overall, this session aims to facilitate discussions on how to better transfer our knowledge from model species to crops in ways that will allow us to manipulate the epigenome for improved food security and climate resilience.