Your Global SEB Community

With over 1,500 members spread across 74 countries, the SEB connects you to a worldwide scientific community of experimental biologists. We are passionate about all aspects of biology and we play an active role in bringing biologists together.


Choose your channels: Through scientific interest groups, our meetings, the website, regular news bulletins, journals, monthly e-mail newsletters, and social media, the SEB keeps you informs and connected to the biological community.


Share your ideas, test your thinking, and be inspired by others at our meetings and events.

The SEB organises a series of meetings each year that cover the full range of the Society's research interests:

  • The SEB Annual Meeting brings together over 800 scientists from around the world who cover the breadth of biological exploration
  • Our Sections organise symposia on topics in their respective fields that present the latest ideas and research from experts and researchers. Our Sections are led by our members so you can get involved and organise meetings.
  • We also run collaborative joint meetings with other Societies


Boost your career with SEB!

  • We have developed a programme of educational events including popular debates, technical training, new teaching practices
  • As a member you can attend one of our careers workshops which have been developed especially for those in biosciences. They cover, skills evaluation, decision-making, CV and interview workshops
  • The SEB awards over £100,000 grants and sponsorships these are available to our members to apply for


SEB Membership saves you money in many ways.

  • Save up to 80% on SEB meetings and events
  • Up to 30% off subscriptions to our journals
  • Discounts with partner organisations like the RSB, FESPB, ASPB, Extreme Medicine, and APS.