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Tommy Norin
Dr Tommy Norin Elected SEB Early Career Trustee
17 May 2019

The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) is delighted to announce that Dr Tommy Norin (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark) has been elected as the Society’s new Early Career Researcher (ECR) Trustee.

Introducing childcare at our Annual Meeting - Register your interest
08 April 2019

The SEB is delighted to announce that following feedback from delegates at our meetings and in a bid to make our conference more inclusive, we will be looking at introducing a crèche for the first time at our Seville 2019 Annual Conference.

Research animals
Using animals in biomedical research: why education holds the key
13 June 2018

The British Pharmacological Society and partner organisations have just launched a new curriculum for undergraduate and taught Masters education on the use of research animals.

Striga Harro
Strigolactones: New plant hormones in action
23 April 2018

Strigolactones were only recently recognized as an important new class of plant hormone, and are now the subject of intensive research. This is leading to rapid growth in our understanding of their diverse roles, as well as novel agricultural applications. The reviews and research in the latest special issue from Journal of Experimental Botany cover a wide range of aspects, from biosynthesis and specificity to the cascade of events leading to perception and transduction, as well as the importance of strigolactone transport and activity in plant development and plant–microbe interactions. The role of the emerging class of non-canonical strigolactones is...