Plant Biology

Interest groups

We have a number of special interest groups representing our members interests that you are welcome to join. The interest groups help to organise sessions at our Annual Conference and our symposia.

Each interest group is headed by a group convenor, who is a member of the Section Committee. The convenor has a number of roles, including:

  • taking a lead role in co-ordinating the activities of an interest group within the SEB
  • reporting these activities to the Plant Section Committee
  • allocating group funding and managing proposals for the SEB’s Annual Conference.

The contact details of your convenor are in the interest group section of our website.

Our Interest Groups

Below is a list of interest groups - click on the name of the group to find out more.

Join a group

You can join an interest group by logging into your account in the members’ area. Click on ‘member details’, scroll down to ‘special interest groups’, tick any group you want to join and press ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page.