08 May 2024
by Ana Colombo, Rebecca Ellerington

Empowering Bioscience Professionals: SEB Conference childcare unveiled for Prague 2024

Discover how SEB is revolutionizing conference experiences for bioscience professionals with affordable, high-quality childcare services at Prague 2024.

As bioscience professionals, we understand the intricate balancing act between career aspirations and familial responsibilities. This delicate equilibrium often becomes even more challenging when navigating the conference circuit.

The Society for Experimental Biology recognizes this struggle and is proud to announce the continuation of its highly subsidized on-site childcare services at the SEB Annual Conference in Prague 2024.

creche pink.jpg


In academia, where conferences play a vital role in networking, sharing research, and career advancement, the presence of childcare barriers can significantly impede professional growth. SEB's commitment to fostering an inclusive community is exemplified through its provision of affordable childcare, starting from just £10 per half day. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden on parents, particularly junior academics, who face the dual challenge of advancing their careers while caring for their families.

SEB's partnership with Nipperbout, an award-winning event childcare company, ensures that parents can engage fully in conference activities with peace of mind. The creche, staffed by qualified professionals, offers a stimulating environment where children can learn and play, with activities tailored to their interests and needs.

Feedback from previous attendees underscores the invaluable role of SEB's childcare services in facilitating conference participation. Parents and carers have lauded the program for enabling them to present their research, network with peers, and engage in professional development opportunities without sacrificing family commitments.

For Prague 2024, Nipperbout's creche will adopt an exciting "Spy Academy" theme, promising age-appropriate entertainment and educational activities. From laser courses to treasure hunts, children will embark on a journey of discovery while their parents immerse themselves in the conference experience.

Spaces for childcare are limited, so delegates are encouraged to pre-register to secure their spot. SEB remains dedicated to creating a supportive environment where every member of the community can thrive, both personally and professionally.

Book your spot for the childcare by clicking here.

Stay tuned for the full article, which will be featured in the upcoming SEB Spring Magazine 2024, where you can delve deeper into our commitment to supporting the bioscience community.

For inquiries or further information, please contact our events team at [email protected].