17 Jun 2024

Experimental Biology Across Boundaries Programme

Created by the new partnership between the SEB and Native Scientists

Programme overview

SEB has partnered with Native Scientists, a charity that connects underserved children and scientists through science outreach educational programmes, to support their Same Migrant Community (SMC) programme. The aim is to promote experimental biology amongst migrant students in their heritage language.  

Over the next school year, SEB will sponsor 10 science outreach workshops in schools across Europe, focusing on (but not limited to) activities in Portuguese and Arabic. The workshops are designed to foster curiosity and scientific knowledge in 6-12-year-old students who have a heritage language distinct from the primary/official language of the country they live in and to promote heritage languages and cultures across Europe.



Opportunity for experimental biologists

This is a unique opportunity for experimental biologists with a migrant background living in Europe!

Besides successfully fostering curiosity and scientific and cultural knowledge amongst migrant students in their heritage language, scientists involved with the programme will get:

  • tailored science communication training,
  • hands-on experience in outreach workshops for migrant children in their heritage language,
  • chance to join the Native Scientists community and access science outreach resources
  • opportunity to be part of a pan-European network of scientists and communicators.


  • there will also be an option to become a coordinator, which will provide you with special training and assist you in developing your leadership skills.


Are you interested in the programme and have a migrant background?

Although participation in the workshops isn’t guaranteed because of the matching of language, location, and availability, SEB members will have priority places in the programme. 

SEB members with non-migrant backgrounds or who do not live in Europe will also be able to access the online science communication training sessions. To register your interest, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].


Diversity Lunch at SEB Conference Prague 2024

If you are joining the SEB Conference Prague 2024, don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about the Experimental Biology Across Boundaries Programme and Native Scientists. Hania Tayara, the UK Programme Lead at Native Scientists, will be our keynote speaker during the Diversity Lunch.

For more information, visit: https://www.sebiology.org/events/seb-conference-prague-2024/social-information/diversity-lunch.html


About Native Scientists

Founded in 2013, Native Scientists is a pan-European non-profit organisation connecting underserved children and scientists. It exists to broaden children's horizons, promoting scientific literacy and reducing inequalities through science outreach educational programmes.

To learn more about the Programme, visit:   https://www.nativescientists.org/single-post/experimental-biology-across-boundaries-the-society-of-experimental-biology-partners-with-native-sci