17 Oct 2022

How to update your communication preferences

It is very easy and just required few clicks !

From the “Communication Preferences” tab on your account, you can indicate what ty pes of communication you would like to allow and whether to include your preferences in the member directory. To update your preferences:

  1. If you are already logged in you can click directly to this link: www.sebiology.org/member-homepage/crm-edit-profile.html?tab=contactprefs

    Go to www.sebiology.org and click “Log In” (located in the upper right corner on a desktop computer)
      Communication preferences 1.png


    Communication preferences 2.jpg
  2. On the Member homepage click on "Manage my details "


    Communication preferences 3.jpg
  3. Once done you will arrive on the Edit Profile page.
      Communications preferences final.jpg
  4. Click on one of the tab “Contact preferences” and you will be able to edit your communications options by clicking on the boxes you are interested in.
      Communication preferences final 2.jpg  


  5. Click on save and you are all set !