30 Apr 2023
by Ana Colombo

SEB Origins and History 1923-1973 Booklet

To celebrate the 50th-anniversary of the SEB in 1973, the "SEB Origins and History 1923-1973" booklet was published. It was printed by the Company of Biologists and included a list of the Society's activities, journals and members; an explanation of its structure; and letters from former council members and one of the founders, Professor Lancelot Hogben.

You can download the PDF version of the booklet now!

During an interview wtih Alex Evans for the SEB Spring Magazine 2023, Prof Michael Alfred Sleigh explained the history behind the booklet:

"The SEB Council organised a dinner for the first Honorary Members in November, 1964. At this dinner, Lancelot Hogben gave a speech about the origins and early history of the Society. The Council felt that the contents of this speech should be recorded for posterity and James Sutcliffe, the Botanical Secretary, persuaded Hogben to write it up for publication in a Society booklet. To accompany this account of the history of the SEB up to that time, and the two were published together in 1966 in the first SEB history booklet. This was reprinted in 1973 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society with additions to bring it up to date."

Prof Michael Alfred Sleigh

Elected SEB Council in 1964 and holder of various roles in the SEB, including positions as Secretary


Cover of the Origin and History of the SEB from 1966 and cover of the SEB Origins and History 1923-1973 (50th anniversary booklet)- the latter was derived from a version from 1966
Cover of the SEB Origins and History 1923-1973 (50th-anniversary booklet) and cover of the Origin and History of the SEB from 1966. The 50th-anniversary booklet was derived from a version from 1966 edited by Prof M. A. Sleigh and J.F. Sutcliffe.


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