Animal biology section

Section Chair: Professor Craig Franklin, University of Queensland

The Animal Section of the SEB has a diverse range of interests on whole-organism biology. But we are also interested at the links to cellular processes at lower levels of biological organisation, as well as associations between physiology, locomotion and behaviour in the context of ecophysiology or ecology. However, the core theme is the biology of the whole organism.

Our Scientific interest groups

An interest group is simply a theme to represent the interests of SEB members.
The Animal Section has a number of special interest groups covering different areas of animal biology that you are welcome to join. But these boundaries are not fixed scientifically and the groups share scientific events and interests.

The interest groups help to organise sessions at our Annual Main Meeting and our Symposia. Each interest group is headed by a group convenor and, along with our co-opted member, make up the SEB Animal Section Committee.

The groups include biomechanics, osmoregulation, animal respiration, neurobiology, conservation physiology. Information about the different Animal Section interest groups can be found here.

Our scientific events  

2017 Animal Biology Meeting: Morphology meets Physiology: A tribute to Pierre Laurent
2017 SEB Annual Meeting: Animal Biology Sessions 
2017 Animal Biology Symposium: HumaNature

Each year the Animal Biology Section organise a series of scientific sessions as part of the SEB's Annual Conference.
We also organise satellite meetings each year which are  attached to the SEB Annual Conference as well as a symposium every two years.

Members are welcome to submit proposals for sessions at the SEB Annual Meeting and for symposa and satellite meetings.

Find out more about how you can submit proposals here.

Section Chair Election 2017


SEB is seeking a new person to take on the role of Animal Section Chair when the current chair,  steps down in July 2017 to become SEB Vice-President.   

The Animal Section Chair manages and co-ordinates the work of the Animal Section but the successful nominee will also be a member of SEB Council, a trustee of SEB the Charity and a Director of SEB the Company.  The appointment is for four years and will begin in July 2017.  

Details on the role of Animal Section Chair can be found here.

To apply please complete the Animal Section Chair Nomination Form.  You must be a member of SEB in order to be eligible for nomination and your nomination must be supported by 2 current SEB members.


The closing date for nominations is Friday 26 May 2017 and the election will close on Monday 26 June 2016

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SEB Gothenburg 2017

Gothenburg, Sweden
3 - 6 July 2017

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