Lynne Sneddon

Dr Lynne Sneddon

Chair of the Animal Section

Lynne is the Director of Bioveterinary Sciences at the University of Liverpool. She is originally from Scotland and conducted a PhD at Glasgow. Her studies explored the costs of fighting in crabs subject to hypoxia. Lynne’s first post-doc investigated behaviour in ghost fish at Manchester followed by a post-doc at the Roslin Institute. Here, she proved for the first time that rainbow trout perceived pain. Lynne then obtained a competitive five-year NERC fellowship at Liverpool examining the genomics of dominance status and personality in fish. After a spell as a lecturer in marine biology in Liverpool, she was promoted to senior lecturer to develop programmes in animal welfare. Lynne is now leading the Bioveterinary Sciences field at Liverpool engaging with academics and industry. 

Lynne’s research addresses mechanistic and functional questions in behavioural ecology and welfare using aquatic models. She adopts an interdisciplinary approach to investigate how intraspecific variation influences behavioural responses. Her research also explores applied questions in animal welfare that has led to significant changes in government and experimental regulations as well as receiving media attention. 

Lynne was an ethics chair for ASAB and is a Link representative for UFAW and is the SEB’s representative on the Royal Society of Biology’s Animal Science Group. She is an ethics reviewer for Animal Behaviour, editor for ATLA and an associate editor for Applied Animal Behaviour Science. She has co-authored technical reports, guidelines and advised government bodies on questions regarding fish welfare and has been a grant panel member for BBSRC and NERC.

Dr Lynne Sneddon
University of Liverpool
Director of Bioveterinary Sciences
Biosciences Building
Liverpool L69 7ZB
United Kingdom
Ph. +44 (0)7984184602