Peter Nixon

Peter Nixon

Photosynthesis and Metabolism Group Co-Convenor

A major focus of Peter’s research is to understand how the oxygen-evolving photosystem II complex is assembled in the thylakoid membrane and how it is repaired following damage by light thereby preventing chronic photoinhibition and loss of photosynthetic efficiency. His work, mainly in cyanobacteria, has identified the accessory factors involved in stabilising proteins during assembly and the proteases involved in specifically degrading damaged and unassembled proteins. More recently, he has used synthetic biology approaches to develop cyanobacterial ‘solar biorefineries’ for the production of high-value products. In addition he uses plastid transformation as a means of manipulating metabolism in the chloroplast of tobacco and other higher plants.

Peter Nixon
Sir Ernst Chain Building
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ
Ph: +44 (0)20 7594 5269

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