Section Chair: Dr. John Love

The SEB Cell Section is at the heart of SEB activities as it recognises that cell biology is central to modern experimental biology.

The Section Committee comprises pure and applied, animal, plant and fungal cell biologists from around the world.

Our interest groups

An interest group is simply a theme to represent the interests of SEB members.
The Cell Section has a number of special interest groups covering different areas of cell biology that you are welcome to join.

The interest groups help to organise sessions at our Annual Main Meeting and our Symposia. Each interest group is headed by a group convenor  and the group covenors make up the SEB Cell Biology Section Committee.

Find out more about our special interest groups, how to join and how to get involved here.

Our Scientific Meetings

SEB 2018 Annual Meeting: Cell Biology Sessions
2017 Cell Symposium: From Proteome to Phenotype: role of post-translational modifications

We organise symposia and sessions at the SEB Annual Meeting that:

  • take a multidisciplinary approach to cell biology
  • have a strong comparative element and theoretical foundation
  • link with the plant and animal biology sessions, underpinning major topics in experimental biology
  • regularly result in publications.

Members are welcome to submit proposals for topics to be organised as a symposia or as sessions at the SEB Annual Meeting. Find our more bout how to submit proposals here.

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SEB Florence 2018

Florence, Italy
3 - 6 July 2018