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TWO WEBINARS, FOUR VIRTUAL TALK; FREE EVENT with participation and open to the public

**APRIL 18, 2023, 16-17 CEST (Two Talks)*

**20 APRIL 2023, 16:30 - 17:30 CEST (Two speeches)*

Engaging and innovative Talks in Critical Thinking for students, teachers, researchers, and all those curious about historical-modern environmental education and interesting experimental sciences in the international scientific context in

Centenary of the birth of the International Society for Experimental Biology (SEB 1923-2023)

ORGANIZATION AND PRESIDENCY: Marina BA Minoli FRSB CSciTeach, Royal Society of Biology - STEM DidaInnovaBiolab; Federation of Biologists Order

*in collaboration with Alex Costa's Lab, University of Milan, invited speakers for the second talks of each webinar

With Certificate of participation