In 1969, the SEB Council ushered in a tradition of Annual Lectures, inviting distinguished Society members to present at the Christmas Meeting. This platform was supported by the Company of Biologists, who graciously financed an honorarium for the Lecturer and published the lecture in the Journal of Experimental Biology, at no cost to the Society. Subsequently, lectures delivered by botanists were published in the Journal of Experimental Botany. Council decided to bestow the honour of the Annual Lecture with the name of G.P. Bidder, recognising his prominent role in the Society's early history and in the establishment of the Company of Biologists.

Currently, the Annual Lectures are given by three prominent scientists: one from each of scientific sections of the Society. The Animal Section selects the Bidder lecturer, named after G.P. Bidder. The Plant section presents the Woolhouse Lecture, named after Harold Woolhouse, the first president elected from the Plant section in 1977. Finally, the Cell Annual Lecture Award, yet to be named for a specific person, represents the Cell section.


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Bidder Lecture Award

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Woolhouse Lecture Award

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Cell Biology Lecture

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