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Extended Alt Text of the Poster "A plant in the field is never lonely"

A poster divided in eight blocks entitled “A plant in the field is never lonely”.

  • First block has the written content: Who is in the neighbourhood? Around a crop plant in the field are pollinators, microbes, worms, pathogens, neighbouring crop plants.
  • Second block has some maize plants in a field surrounded by pollinators and worms. The written content is: Plants resist pathogens, obviously. Plants switch up their basal immunity on infection to fight the pathogen.
  • Third block has two plants, one of them has red dots on it representing an infection. An arrow is pointed from this plant to the healthy one representing communication between them. The written content is: Plants eavesdrop. The infected plant alerts the neighbours via compounds in the air, by pollinators, by fungal network, via root contacts.
  • Fourth block has plants of different colours in the same area. The written content is: Genetic identity of neighbours matters. In a crop mixture, resistance to a pathogen changes before and after infection.
  • Fifth block has the same plants as described previously, but some of them have a plastic bag around their shoot, not covering their roots. The written content is: Through soil, not air. Disrupting exchanges via soil affects pathogen resistance in a crop mixture.
  • Sixth block has genes. The written content is: Gene regulation and beyond. Genes are regulated by neighbouring plants, before and after an infection, but this does not explain resistance fully.
  • Seventh block has the written content: Neighbour modulated susceptibility. Healthy plants in the neighbourhood talk to each other, bringing all plants to a state of primed defense.
  • Eighth block has different colour maize plants in a field. The written content is: There is more to learn about how plants trade off between competition and shared defense mechanisms.

Footnote has the official SEB logo and the written content is: Based on: Plant neighbour-modulated susceptibility to pathogens in intraspecific mixtures. Pélissier et al., JEB, 2021. Artist: Dr Ipsa Jain. Funded through an outreach grant to Ravindra Palavalli-Nettimi and Krishna Anujan.