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section chair: Stefan Kepinski
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The Plant Section promotes the development and communication of research in plant biology. Our journals encourage rapid publication of high-quality research and every year the SEB organises international conferences covering diverse areas of modern plant science.

Our Interest Groups

An interest group is simply a theme to represent the interests of SEB members.
The Plant Section has a number of special interest groups covering different areas of plant biology that you are welcome to join. But these boundaries are not fixed scientifically and the groups share scientific events and interests.

The interest groups help to organise sessions at our Annual Main Meeting and our Symposia. Each interest group is headed by a group convenor and the convenors make up the SEB Plant Section Committee.

Find out more about our scientific groups here, as well as how to join the groups and get involved.  


The SEB Plant Section welcomes proposals for sessions on plant biology topics at our 2022 Annual Conference. Proposals can be submitted openly within the topics covered by our Plant Biology Interest groups .  

Our Scientific meetings

2020 Annual Conference: Plant Biology Sessions
2020 Plant Biology Satellite Meeting:RNA communication between plants and interacting organisms and innovative RNA-based plant protection
2019 Plant Symposium: Impact of chromatin domains on plant phenotypes
2019 Annual Meeting: Plant Biology Sessions
2019 Plant/Cell Biology Satellite Meeting: Algal model systems on the rise: Understanding and exploiting the algae to land plant transition
2018 Annual Meeting: Plant Biology Sessions
2018 Plant Biology Satellite Meeting: Advances in plant reproduction – from gametes to seeds
2017 SEB Annual Conference: Plant Biology Sessions
2017 Plant Biology Meeting: New breeding technologies in the plant sciences - Applications and implications in genome editing
2017 Plant Biology Meeting: EMPHASIS: Plant phenotyping

Each year we organise a number of sessions as part of the SEB Annual Conference. We also organise a symposia every two years.
In addition £5000 are available each year for the Plant Section to run a satellite meeting attached to an SEB Annual conference.

Propose a Meeting

Contributions are welcome from all levels of the experimental plant biology community and ideas for future events may be sent to our interest group convenors.

If you want to propose a topic for a session at an upcoming SEB Annual Meeting or for a plant biology symposium, take a look at how you can do so here.