Osmoregulation and Ion Transport

Integrating Physiological, Molecular and Environmental Aspects

The topic of osmoregulation has a long history, and is home to some of the most profound discoveries in the life sciences; including the universal mechanisms of how water and salt move across biological membranes.

Researchers have always used the remarkable power of comparative physiology to study osmoregulation by exploring the adaptations of animals to freshwater and marine environments, as well as the challenges of ion transport in different types of epithelia. In recent years there has been a joining of minds and methodology in osmoregulation, with whole animal physiology, environmental factors and molecular methods merging to give a modern integrated perspective. This volume reflects this integration of modern molecular methods with the long held traditional view that whole animal physiology reveals the complex adaptations that organisms make to different ionic environments. This volume therefore starts by reviewing aspects of osmoregulation in very different marine and freshwater fish, and then moves into chapters on the molecular details of specific transporters and the influence of dietary salt on osmoregulation in animals; but all the time bringing the topic back to why it matters at the whole organism level. Pollution and climate change are big issues in science, and this book also includes some discussion of ecotoxicity and osmoregulation, as well as the application of osmoregulation to environmental diagnostics and animal health.

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Published: 2009
Edited by: NR Bury and RD Handy
ISSN (Print): 2042-3381
ISBN: 978-1-907491-00-9


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