Flower evolution & genes of flower development

The huge diversity, yet essential commonality, of flowers is demonstrated by examining three very different monocot flowers, one of which can be easily cultivated, the other two obtained from florists. The genes underlying development, and therefore potential evolutionary change, is visualised through examination of Arabidopsis floral homeotic mutants, obtained from a stock centre.

 Subject:    Plant Biology, Genetics

Author:   Enrique López-Juez

Date Added:   13/07/2023

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  1. Lesson plan for students


  2. Protocol for experiment for lecturers


  3. Comments from the author:
    The grass needs to be grown. The Arabidopsis plants can be obtained from the stock centre. The other two flowers are generally available from florists or garden centres or can be ordered.
  4. Example of images
Image 1 - Grass.


Image 2 - Orchid.


Image 3 - Lily.


Image 4 - Arabidopsis wild type and mutants.

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