20 Dec 2021
by Rebecca Ellerington

Influential Research from Women Authors: Biological Sciences

Open University Press (OUP) is recognising and celebrating women in science with their Influential Research from Women Authors: Biological Sciences collection.

OUP are aiming to shine a spotlight on the representation of women in all scientific fields, from research and major discoveries to advocacy and outreach. To amplify the voices of women who have made a career in scientific research, OUP has created a series of collections made up of journal articles and book chapters written by women across different scientific disaplins.

The Biological Sciences collection includes an array of content from evolutionary biology and genetics, to research methods in life science. The SEB is proud to announce that The Journal of Experimental Botany has submitted 6 papers under the "plant science and forestry" section of this collection. Browse the collection using the link below to read these articles of some of the most influential research from women authors in their disciplines.


The OUP also welcomes nominations and self-nominations for new articles to be included in this collection so if you know of an author of OUP journal and books science content then please check out the OUP website for more details.


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