Iodine Clock Experimental Design

Students are not provided with a protocol, but instead work in groups to design their own set of experiments to investigate a classic clock reaction and to control the time when colour appears. They receive some marks for how close they can get to random times in observed trials. The students are guided in their design, but are not directly told how to achieve their aims, and in fact several different strategies are possible.

 Subject:    Biochemistry, Experimental Design, Hypothesis Testing

Author:   Stuart Thompson

Date Added:   19/01/2024

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  1. General Notes


  2. Student Information


  3. Staff Tutorial Guidance


  4. Report Guidance


  5. Report Assessment Criteria


  6. Risk Assessment


  7. Comments from the author: Please feel free to get in touch with Stuart at [email protected] if you have any questions about running some version of this practical.

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