Organelle and nucleus interdependence

These are three practicals which can be carried out together as one or independently. It focuses on chloroplast biology and uses Arabidopsis. It visualises (1) a genetic defect (arc6 mutant) in chloroplast division and (2) a change in a nuclear reporter gene expression (pLHCB::GUS) when chloroplast translation is inhibited. Lastly (3), a bioinformatic exercise asks students to explore the origin, from cyanobacteria, through endosymbiosis, of a higher plant chloroplast division gene, ARC6.

 Subject:    Plant Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics

Author:   Enrique López-Juez

Date Added:   13/07/2023

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  1. Lesson plan for students


  2. Protocol for experiment for lecturers


  3. Practical introduction


  4. Comments from the author:
    The full practical can be done in one long afternoon plus some later personal work or over two days to allow for GUS staining. It can be used in full, but components of it can also be used stand-alone
  5. Example of images
Image 1 - Seedlings in the absence and presence of lincomycin.


Image 2 - WT and arc6 cells.


Image 3 - GUS seedlings.


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