Tobacco regeneration (four media)

Material of tobacco seedlings grown aseptically is used to test to observe in vitro regeneration and to test to impact of concentrations of different hormones, including one which visualises the difference between transportable and untransportable auxin.

  Subject:    Plant Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology

Author:   Enrique López-Juez

Date Added:   13/07/2023

Material Type:   

  1. Lesson plan for students


  2. Protocol for experiment for lecturers


  3. Comments from the author:
    Students love learning about aseptic technique, as well as observing the nature of stemcell-ness and the power of cellular differentiation. Students must deduce the media composition.
  4. Example of images
Image 1 - Tobacco plant.


Image 2 - Tobacco explants.


Image 3 - Regeneration A, B, C, D - top labelled.
Image 4 - Regeneration A, B, C, D - bottom labelled.


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