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A promising alternative biofuel plant
Autumn 2018
01 October 2018

Genome sequence of Jatropha curcas L., a non-edible biodiesel plant, provides a resource to improve seed-related traits

Red fruit, orange fruit, orange fruit, red fruit: Genome editing in tomato
Autumn 2018
01 October 2018

Efficient in planta gene targeting in tomato using geminiviral replicons and the CRISPR/Cas9 system

Madeline Mitchell
Homeward Bound 2017-18: Life and leadership lessons in Antarctica
Autumn 2018
01 October 2018

Antarctica was an unlikely place for me to visit considering I’m a plant molecular biologist and physiologist with an interest in agriculture…and perhaps even more unlikely given I treat the cold as a personal affront! And yet, I found myself signing up to spend three weeks on a ship travelling round Antarctica with nearly 80 other women in science for company.

TPJ Research_Highlight
Manipulating the cell/air space ratio to optimize photosynthesis
Spring 2018
29 April 2018

Cell density and airspace patterning in the leaf can be manipulated to increase leaf photosynthetic capacity