We celebrate outstanding experimental biologists. Our awards are open to everyone – not just members – and they are presented at our Annual Conference.

Annual Conference Plenary Lectures (Bidder, Woolhouse and Cell Biology)

Each year, the Society for Experimental Biology honours the late George Parker Bidder and Harold Woolhouse with two major plenary lectures at our Annual Conference. These lectures are given by prominent scientists in their fields of research.

In 2012, the SEB introduced the Cell Biology Plenary Lecture to the Annual Conference and lecturers are nominated by the committees of their respective sections.

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The President's Medal

The President's Medals are awarded annually to young scientists of outstanding merit, normally within 10 years of obtaining their PhD. A presentation of medals to winners by the Society's President takes place at the Annual Conference. 

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2018 President's Medallists
2019 President's Medallists
2020 President's Medallists
2021 President's Medallists

Young Scientist Award

Postgraduates and postdocs in the first three years of their first postdoc to showcase their talents in the SEB Young Scientist Award Session, held each year at the Annual Conference.

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Irene Manton poster award

Student members still completing their PhD can enter a poster in the Irene Manton Poster Award at our Annual Conference. There is a cash prize available to the best poster in each section (Animal, Plant and Cell).

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