President's Medal Award

The SEB President's Medals are awarded annually to young scientists of outstanding merit and usually presented at the SEB Annual Conference in July

There is one award per section of the Society (Animal; Cell; Plant;  OED).

In order for a person to be nominated for a President’s Medal, the nominee will need to be:

  • An independent researcher or scientist, in the early stage of their career, normally within 10 years* of being awarded their PhD
  • Must be demonstrating scientific leadership, have qualities which make them respected by their peers, and regarded as a creative and novel thinker.

* Please note: Career breaks will be taken into consideration.

Nomination Procedure

Nomination Procedure

  • Nominations for President's Medallists must come through the Chair or Members of the relevant Section Committee.
    To see who the Section Committee Members are, please visit the   Animal,   Cell,   Plant and   OED Section pages.
  • Nominations must be presented to the Section Member and Chair by 3 October (for awards at the following years Annual Meeting). Nominations are to be supplied on the nomination form and must include a short paragraph as to why the candidate is deserving of the award.An analysis of the nominee’s citations and publications is then conducted by the section chair and presented to the section committee. 
  • Based on these findings and the details provided on the nomination form, the section decides on three finalists who are contacted and are asked to provide a full CV and one A4 page letter detailing why they are deserving of the award.
  • This information is circulated to the section committee and each member ranks the candidates.  The rankings are then collated and the winner is determined based on the cumulative scores of these rankings.
  • No self-nominations will be accepted.  If you wish to put yourself forward for the award, you will need to lobby a section committee member. 



Click here for a full list of our past President's Medallists.


2018 President Medallist


2019 President Medallist


2020 President Medallist

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2021 President Medallist