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Research animals
Using animals in biomedical research: why education holds the key
13 June 2018

The British Pharmacological Society and partner organisations have just launched a new curriculum for undergraduate and taught Masters education on the use of research animals.

Pierre Laurent
Pavement cells and country potatoes, celebrating Pierre Laurent
20 November 2017

Pierre Laurent was also much more than a talented scientist – he was a thinker, a mentor, culinary genius, story teller, and friend. As about 70 of us discussed at the satellite symposium of the SEB in Göthenburg this past June/July – some of whom had known Pierre for many, many decades

SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: Is it time for a fish physiome initiative?
01 October 2017

The effects of the environment on fish physiology are complex, involving everything from genes to the environment itself. However, quantitative studies on the effects of climate change on fish physiology have been largely limited to the whole organism and isolated organ.

SEB Gothenburg 2017 Session Report: Climate change and aquatic life
01 October 2017

This session was underpinned by research aimed at integrating physiology (both at the molecular and whole organism level) into understanding the way in which organisms cope with changes in their environment, and their potential for rapid evolutionary adaptations, occurring in time scales relevant in the context of climate change.