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Plant peptides – taking them to the next level
22 September 2016

The recent Special Issue from Journal of Experimental Botany – Plant peptides – taking them to the next level – comes in response to the particularly fast-moving pace of discovery in peptide signalling. Together with Peptides take centre stage in plant signalling, in 2015, there is truly comprehensive coverage, with the characteristic focused reviews and latest research findings.

Coconuts could inspire new designs for earthquake-proof buildings
19 September 2016

Coconuts are renowned for their hard shells, which are vital to ensure their seeds successfully germinate. But the specialised structure of coconut walls could help to design buildings that can withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. ​

How to have sex with a hype-long penis. Getting to the tip of the problem
19 September 2016

Many male insects, especially beetles, possess a penis sometimes several times longer than their entire body length, but how do they have sex with it? A recent study has found that male beetles keep their penis tip soft for faster sex, when they 'shoot' their hyper-elongated penises into the female beetle's duct.

King penguins keep an ear out for predators
12 September 2016

Sleeping king penguins react differently to the sounds of predators than to non-predators and other sounds, when they are sleeping on the beach. Research carried out at the University of Roehampton, UK, has revealed that even asleep, these penguins can distinguish between dangerous and benign sounds. ​