Julia Davies

Plant Transport Group Convenor

Julia’s research aims to understand the roles of transport proteins in adaptation, nutrition and growth. She is particularly interested in roots and how they sense and then respond to changes in environmental conditions, including the presence of other plants. The plasma membrane is the key point of interest and much of the group’s work has centred on identifying the calcium channel proteins that can generate specific calcium signals governing adaptation and growth.
Julia studied botany at Swansea University then did her PhD split between the University of Liverpool and the Marine Biological Association. Post-docs at the University of York and McGill University lead to a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (York) and an SEB President’s Medal. Julia joined the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge in 1997 and is now a Reader there. Julia’s first conference talk was as a PhD student at an SEB Plant Transport Group meeting and she hopes that students will continue to join this section as part of their careers.

Julia Davies
University of Cambridge
Department of Plant Sciences
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3EA
United Kingdom